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GLPK Lab for Windows released

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Yesterday the first version of GLPK Lab for Windows, a new modeling GUI for GLPK has been released. Maintainers of the package are Luiz Bettoni, Andrew Makhorin, and Heinrich Schuchardt. I have not tried it out yet as I am not a Windows user. So any feedback is welcome. From the release notes:

We are pleased to announce the very first release of GLPK Lab for

GLPK Lab is a set of software tools and libraries based on the GLPK
(GNU Linear Programming Kit) package and intended for solving
large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP),
and other related problems.

Currently GLPK Lab includes the following main components:

*  GLPK Lab Editor, which is the SciTE editor adapted to be used along
with GLPK Lab (based on the Gusek project)

*  Stand-alone GLPK LP/MIP solver

*  GLPK API library compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and
intended for developing GLPK-based applications in C or C++

*  Java binding to GLPK API library (from GLPK-Java) intended for
developing GLPK-based applications in Java

GLPK Lab is free, public-domain software hosted on SourceForge. Its
webpage is here: <>. (Please note that
GLPK Lab is *not* a GNU package.)

Happy Modeling,

The GLPK Lab Development Team

More information on GLPK including tutorials, examples, and tools can be found here.


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April 4, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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