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I just came back from the ISMP in Chicago and as I didn’t write a single line about it (I feel guilty :S), I at least wanted to share a few interesting links with you.

  1. Terry Tao’s talk on mathematics and the internet [pdf]
    (Source: Michael Nielsen’s Blog)
  2. The impact factor’s Matthew effect: a natural experiment in bibliometrics
    “Using an original method for controlling the intrinsic value of papers–identical duplicate papers published in different journals with different impact factors–this paper shows that the journal in which papers are published have a strong influence on their citation rates, as duplicate papers published in high impact journals obtain, on average, twice as much citations as their identical counterparts published in journals with lower impact factors. The intrinsic value of a paper is thus not the only reason a given paper gets cited or not; there is a specific Matthew effect attached to journals and this gives to paper published there an added value over and above their intrinsic quality. “
    (Source: Michael Nielsen’s Blog)

  3. US Top All-Time Donors 1989-2008
    Slightly off-topic but I actually have to admit that I was surprised 😉
    (Source: Michael Nielsen’s Blog)
  4. The Status of the P Versus NP Problem (L. Fortnow)
    A nice summary about P Versus NP, why it is so hard and about potential consequences if the question would be settled.
  5. The Arms Race in High Frequency Trading (R. Bookstaber)
    “A second reason is that high frequency trading is embroiled in an arms race. And arms races are negative sum games. The arms in this case are not tanks and jets, but computer chips and throughput. But like any arms race, the result is a cycle of spending which leaves everyone in the same relative position, only poorer. Put another way, like any arms race, what is happening with high frequency trading is a net drain on social welfare.”
  6. Stockmeyer’s Approximate Counting Method (R.J. Lipton)
    Great blog post on approximate counting.
  7. Multitasking Muddles Brains, Even When the Computer Is Off (Wired)
    On the perils of preemptive multi-tasking and just quickly checking emails yet again… 😉
  8. Goldman and High Frequency Trading (R. Bookstaber)
    related to 5. above.
  9. Not with a Bang but a Whimper – The Risk from High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading (R. Bookstaber)
    related to 5. above.

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August 30, 2009 at 8:40 pm

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