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When toilets become profit centers

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Sometimes I am really surprised how companies try to squeeze the last possible penny out of their customers. On top of my list of “highly questionable” revenue generating strategies is Ryanair’s latest proposal to turn its toilets on their planes into profit centers. Not only that it would make flying with Ryanair more unpleasant – hello, train station atmosphere – I can hardly believe that the usage of toilets (even the highly overpriced 1 GBP/visit) could not be factored into the ticket fee and therefore sparing people the associated insult. Is there a more sophisticated way of saying “you are not welcome”? Having said that, I suppose that such an announcement would also lead to a severe drop in reputation making me wonder even more if the few extra toilet bucks can offset the resulting loss of customers.


Written by Sebastian

March 2, 2009 at 3:42 pm

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