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MOPTA 2009 Modeling Competition

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If you are interested in modeling optimization problems (and you are a grad student) you might want to consider participating in the MOPTA 2009 modeling competition. Using AIMMS and CPLEX a truck maintenance scheduling problem has to be solved:

The trucks of the transportation company “Move Efficiently” have to undergo periodic maintenance of different types ranging from changing the oil to a complete engine overhaul. The time intervals between consecutive maintenance checks of each type are pre-described based on experience and information from the truck manufacturer. The trucks become unusable if they are behind on the required maintenance. However, maintenance is expensive and trucks should not be over-maintained. The problem, therefore, is to schedule maintenance so that it minimizes costs while making sure that trucks can be used. The problem needs to be solved over a 2-year time-horizon on a weekly basis, From July 1, 2009 till June 30, 2011. There are constraints on the number of trucks that are required to be active, and capacity constraints at the single maintenance location.

After registration a copy of AIMMS and CPLEX (I suppose either a time limited or a student version) is provided. For more details see the MOPTA 2009 competition homepage.


Written by Sebastian

February 6, 2009 at 11:05 pm

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